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Welcome! This is RG BANK!

You may be asking, “Why did they change the name from Rio Grande Savings and Loan Association?”

“Many years ago, a savings and loan operated differently than a bank,” says Shon Davis, President & CEO of RG BANK. “Over the years, the rules and regulations have changed and now we can offer products and services that a bank can. We want to send that message, that we can offer products and services you will find at any bank, to our current customers and to the communities we serve.”

The State of Colorado requires “a Savings and Loan Association” to remain in the name, so once approved by the State, the formal name of the bank will be RG BANK, a Savings and Loan Association. However, Davis said the shortened RG BANK will be what customers will see almost exclusively.

Donn Vigil is the Chair of the RG BANK Board of Directors and has worked at the bank or been on the Board since 1979. Vigil stresses, “this is strictly a name change for marketing purposes. There is no change in ownership or stock issuance, we will remain a mutual and we will remain true to our mission of serving our customers and our communities with commitment and pride.”

Customers and the community will begin to notice the full change to RG BANK in a fairly short time frame on all items including letterhead, loan documents, deposit account statements, bank signage and of course, with this website.

Customers or community members with any questions or concerns should contact RG BANK President Shon Davis at 719.852.7056.